Sum Studios
Sum Studios is the rebirth of the Victorian, Grade ll listed Anns Grove School site in Heeley, Sheffield.

2014k in 2014!!

Kat 2014k

Sum tenant Kat Love from The Treatment Space completed a massive challenge on New Years eve – running 2014 kilometres in the year 2014! She set herself the challenge last New Years eve:

“On NYE 2013 I made a (rather foolish and drunken) resolution to run 5km every day in 2014. In the (not so) early hours of New Years day I was just dropping off to sleep as the kids decided it was time to start 2014; it was a day of extreme fragility and, surprise-surprise, no running. I soon revised my plan to run an AVERAGE of 5km a day: 1825km. And then it seemed silly not to make it up to 2014 (a flippant rounding decision I’m MASSIVELY regretting now).”

Well she did it and raised money for The Nepal Trust and Heeley Development Trust. Congratulations and thanks Kat!!  We’ll now see you in the Brothers Arms more often (?)

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