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Back in 2006 when Anns Grove School closed its doors and all the staff and pupils moved into their new building next door, the council’s plan was to sell the site. There were no takers. After much negotiating, and enough time for the building to slip into dereliction, Heeley Trust finally got Anns Grove. It was in a sorry state…we knew it would take blood, sweat and some tears, but we had a vision and we had the passion and the people to pull it off.

Our vision was to open a space that would become home to a thriving, busy community of local residents, professionals and artists and makers. The next chapter in the story of this great building, we wanted somewhere that would inspire and facilitate all kinds of activity to enrich lives, economies and the experience of living and working in Heeley. What’s more, we wanted to do it all responsibly, ecologically, sustainably, with a real focus on being resourceful and smart about how we bring this place back to life.

And we did it…eight years after the school closed, this is truly a place for us all to be proud of, to enjoy and to contribute to. The building itself is just part of that…now we have to make it everything it can be – opening up is just the start.

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