Lee and Rickie are heading to Sheffield, to show DIVIDED to one of the UK’s most enthusiastic outdoor audiences, and perhaps explore a few of the local trails while they’re at it…

Divided tells the story of an expedition that didn’t quite go to plan, but was all the richer for it.

The Tour Divide route follows the Continental Divide down the spine of the USA. It covers a distance more than three times the length of the UK, with just under 20 Everests’ worth of climbing. The rules are simple: eat and sleep when you like, but the clock never stops. Follow the exact route. Remain completely self-supported. And if that’s not enough of a challenge, racers have to dodge bears, lightning storms, snow and snakes.

Lee and Rickie self-filmed the whole way. This is the story of their adventure. It’s not a straightforward one. None of the best stories are.

Tickets are available on a pay-as-you-can basis. A £10 donation will help us cover our costs and pay Lee and Rickie for their work, but we wouldn’t want anyone to miss out just because they don’t have the cash, so please pay as much or as little as you’re able.

The time: 7pm
The place: SUM Studios, 1 Hartley Street, S2 3DJ
Tickets: £10 (suggested donation)

See Link Here: http://theadventuresyndicate.com/events/2018/5/10/divided-screening-sheffield