Sum Studios
Sum Studios is the rebirth of the Victorian, Grade ll listed Anns Grove School site in Heeley, Sheffield.

Peter & Paul Award Success



Congratulations to the Peter and Paul team on their latest award! They comment:

We’re trying to get a bit better at shouting about the work we do and part of the plan was us saying: ‘let’s chuck some work at awards and see what sticks’… or words to that effect. Last night was the Computer Arts Brand Impact Awards, and we were commended for our Chicken Town work. So for now at least, it’s mission accomplished! It was in the (very busy) category of Not-for-Profit and there were plenty of categories that awarded nothing despite having short listed projects, so I reckon it’s worth a mini pat on the back for ourselves. Well done us. We have more work in the Archiboo awards. More to follow later this month.