Future developments

Sum Studios is the long term development of the former Anns Grove School site. There are 3 listed buildings in total here.  Sum B (the business workspace) opened in 2013, and is a hugely successful home to local businesses. However, since 2013, it has proved very difficult to raise the capital finance to complete the development – but we keep trying! 

When the whole site is complete, Sum Studios will become a hive of creative and business activity, a great place to welcome public and customers to, a site for workshops and exhibitions, and a thriving hub of activity. In short, an inspiring, functional home for businesses, makers and creators in a beautiful green environment.

The future development of the other two buildings are outlined as:

Block A:

The former Hartley building will include artist and makers’ studios and workshops, a rehearsal hall, and further business space. This affordable, flexible space will comprise:

  • Purpose-built artists’ studios
  • Maker studios and workshops
  • Dedicated rehearsal hall for theatre, music and dance
  • Further business studios facing onto the courtyard

Block C:

The former Gleadless building is planned to become a home for events, performances, socialising, learning and having fun.
More than anything Sum Studios is all about the community – not only the one it will create, but the one it serves. The people of Heeley and its surrounds will have access to an amazing resource here – there will be plenty of space for hire, for anything you want, from live music and cultural events to public meetings and parties.

When the final building on the sites re-developed, here’s what we have in mind:

  • Large events venue
  • Café and catering facility
  • Conference and meeting facilities
  • Training & Education spaces
  • Heeley Trust HQ and offices

New Green Spaces:

Currently, the old playground areas are being used for car parking. But eventually Sum will be a car free environment, with the grounds surrounding the buildings transformed into a series of green spaces and pocket parks, which will be a key social space accommodating open air events including live music and performance.

What’s more, Sum Studios will eventually open up into our beautiful Heeley Peoples Park via a new entrance onto Anns Road.

So this is the next chapter in the life of this school, which has been at the heart of our community for over a century. We want to fill it with life again – help us to create a beautifully busy, unique space that’s open to all!