The Trust

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Heeley Trust

Heeley Trust is the independent, local charity responsible for Sum Studios. The Trust works hard to increase the economic sustainability of the local neighbourhood and to make it a thriving, inclusive and creative community – SUM is the result of that ethos.

Sum Studios is Heeley Trust’s biggest project to date and is the result of more than eight years of hard work and negotiating to ensure that the vandalised buildings were saved and transferred into the community. This work rescued the old school and allowed the full master plan to be drawn up and the first of the three Grade II listed buildings, to be restored. Heeley Trust raised more than £2 million pounds of investment, loans and grants to achieve this – money that would not have come to our community or to the city otherwise. This project is the perfect way for the trust to do exactly what it set out to do – energise, fuel and inspire our community.

Now over 20 years old, Heeley Trust also operates a number of other key local resources, such as Heeley People’s Park, A Different Gear and The Heeley Institute – You can find out more about the ongoing work of the trust at